Pda Hard Case

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fellowes iPAQ PDA Hard Case Review

Product Requirements:
36,37,38 iPAQ, and Pocket PC 3900 series
Sony Clie T615C
Palm V and M500 series

Here is a hard aluminum case for the iPAQ. The
Fellowes PDA Hard Case is a similar aspect
and feel

Kensington PDA Protector Hard Case that I reviewed in the past. It has been
the same slight rubber coating on the outside with a velvet material
inside. Available for different iPAQ models and Sony CLIE
T615C and Palm V, m500 series, I have a version for my iPAQ
3800 Series.

From the beginning I was not impressed very satisfied with this case. My 3800 was held in
in the case of a very loose fit. turn upside down if allowed
to fall into a PDA with very little effort. I realized that in addition to the magnetic
Cover had a very weak hold. Raise the table for cover Hold
always open at the bottom of the home falling results.

Inside the lid is a thin nylon cover four SD cards, and some think it may
Cards. This case is pretty cheesy and stretched a bit. I do not think
I think it would be hard to break.

There is a hole in the lid. Why do not I have absolutely no idea.

With the PDA while in the case are fine. All functions are easily accessible
and not hindered. Of course, you will not be able to sync / charge with
Cradle while the PDA in this case. This will work fine with a cable

About the only thing this event, for use while driving would be. The
Aluminum would be the PDA from being crushed when the PDA pack in demand for the protection of
another bag.